A custom online retail solution and fulfillment partner for dance studios.
Your own store without any headaches, maintenance or order processing obligations.
The Benefits
Why choose Dance Team Store?
We do all the hard work for you.
100% happiness guaranteed
Quality custom studio apparel
Quick, reliable shipping
3 week shipping turn-arounds
Money for your business
Earn 15% on every sale
FOUR Step Process
How It Works
We do all the hard work for you.
Sign up for a store and provide your studio logo.
We build your store with your input and final approval.
Promote the new store to your dancers and families.
Earn 15% for all products sold, paid out twice per year.
Popular Choices
75+ different types of apparel to choose from.
Shannon Glick headshot
"There was nothing I enjoyed more than picking out and getting new studio attire when I was a dancer; we were so proud to wear our jackets and sweats to each and every competition. I would have loved the option to visit our studio's store, look through the newest custom options and decide what I wanted delivered right to my door. As an alum, I would still take advantage of this!"
Shannon Glick, Former Dancer
"I just can't believe this is all free!"
Michelle B., Studio Owner
"This is by far the best retail option we have seen since we have owned the studio. "
Mark & Gabrielle, Studio Owners
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