Sign up for a store and provide your studio logo.
To initiate the store creation process, click on "Sign Up For A Store," complete the brief application, and submit it. Additionally, a one-time fee of $250 will be charged for store creation. Following your application submission, email us your business logo, and that, along with the fee, is all we need to proceed with creating your store.
We build your store with your input and final approval.
Our team of designers will create your studio store using your logo and color scheme. We process all orders start to finish and drop ship directly to your student's homes.
Promote the new store to your dancers and families.
After the store is created, we will provide you with a store/shop URL. Integrate this link into your business website, enabling your dancers to access your store directly. Additionally, encourage your dancers and their families to explore and make purchases. Please note that a $250 charge will be applied for the store creation.
Earn 15% for all products sold, paid out twice per year.
Twice per year (early January and early July), we will issue you a check for 15% of the retail price of all merchandise sold and it will be accompanied by a detailed sales report so you can see what has been ordered.
Ready to take the next steps?
Start selling your branded apparel on your own custom store